Please Verify Your Student Information

Q: How will my information be used?

A:The information you provide will be used to determine that you have a valid 1098-T record within our system in accordance with our privacy policy.

Q: What if a record is not found after clicking the Verify Information link?

A: If your information is not found, please try again at a later time or contact your college's business office.

Verification Successful

Thank you for verifying your information!

You will now need to create your user account for the 1098-T system.

Step 1: Once you click the "Please click Here to create your account" link at the bottom of the screen you will be redirected to the screen below. Please fill out all fields to create your account. Once the form is filled out please click the Sign Up button.

Please click here to create an account

Step 2: Once you have clicked the Sign Up button you will see the screen below. Note: Before clicking Continue please check the email account you used in the above process for the "1098-T Account Verification" email. You will need to first click the "Verify Email" link inside the email before moving forward. Once you click the "Verify Email" link you will see the second screen below. At this time you may click Continue.

Message received once Sign Up is clicked.

Email verification success message.

Step 3: After clicking Continue you will be directed to the screen below which you will use to login to the system with the credentials you just created.

Please click here to create an account

Enrollment Error

An error occurred during your account creation. Please click the Try Again button to make another attempt.

If you already have an account you can sign in Here